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Aila Health Gains Approval from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

aila health

Aila Health is one step closer to bringing personalized care to each and every patient with the announcement of approval by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an enrolled provider for Medicare Fee-for-Service and Medicare Advantage members.

Aila Health uses patient-centered, team-based care coupled with advanced analytics to empower healthcare providers and patients to make data-driven health decisions in complex chronic condition management including autoimmune and other inflammatory disorders.

We’re extremely excited to expand access to our programs beyond commercial payers to Medicare Fee-for-Service patients. This expansion is critical to our goal of increasing access to patient-centered, team-based care for patient by reducing barriers to access, including costs that deter patients from seeking care from dieticians and health coaches along with their primary care and specialty physicians. It also makes it easier for us to collaborate with our partners who typically serve more Medicare members," said Rory Stanton, CEO of Aila Health.

“This announcement is timely as we continue to see an influx of patients seeking care for Long Covid and other chronic multi-system inflammatory conditions,” said Dr. Kara Wada, Director of Clinical Content for Aila Health.

With an understanding of the power of big data in healthcare and are passionate about leveraging clinical and patient-generated data for preventive care and complex chronic condition management.

Aila Health is the leading national telehealth provider of autoimmune, chronic inflammatory conditions, and Long Covid care programs. The company's programs combine symptom tracking, evidence-based guidelines, behavioral science, telehealth, and long-term health coaching to engage patients to adopt anti-inflammatory lifestyles and improve their health outcomes and overall well-being.

Written by: Kara Wada, MD

Kara Wada

About the author: Kara Wada, MD is a board-certified adult and pediatric allergy, immunology & lifestyle medicine physician, Sjogren's patient, certified life coach, host of the Crunchy Allergist podcast, and Aila Health's Director of Clinical Content.

Dr. Wada works to break down barriers and build bridges in our very siloed medical system. She focuses on the unique challenges pertaining to those struggling with allergies and autoimmunity. She works tirelessly with her patients and coaches clients using her naturally-minded and scientifically-grounded approach to health and healing.

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