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Value Based Specialty Care

By partnering with Aila Health, your patients get fast and easy access to our integrative specialty care team delivering coordinated care and better outcomes for complex, multi-chronic patients

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Chronic Illness


Aila Health helps chronic illness patients manage all of their conditions in one place and get access to 1:1 support and specialty care.


Aila Health helps health plans manage their populations with chronic inflammatory conditions with our easy to use, integrated virtual care platform and health coaching.  

Value Based Care Organizations

Aila Health helps value based health systems improve outcomes while reducing costs. 


 We take a whole person approach to deliver personalized insights, education, and support 

We centralize data and remove siloes in care with our 360 holistic view of the patient and integrative specialty care

Dynamic insights on how sleep, activity, mood, stress, diet impacts symptom flareups

Analyze data and notify patients and care teams when an intervention is required

Personalized health coaching focused on improving mental health through mindfulness training and decreasing chronic inflammation

Sync remote monitoring devices to track patient outcomes in real time

AI-engine provides personalized meal suggestions based on preferences and dietary requirements to promote gut health


We offer a simple enrollment and treatment process to deliver high value care

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Aila Health team member reaches out within 2 days to onboard patient and introduce them to the app

Each patient is paired with nutritionist, health coach, mental health professional and board certified specialist to build personalized care plan

Patients and clinical team receive outcomes report and claim is filed

Patients can self-enroll online or are enrolled by a healthcare provider or disease management team, etc.

After onboarding consultation, patient receives email to download Aila app from AppStore or Google Play store. 

Patients receive weekly support from health coaches, education, and management to get disease controlled and alert care teams as needed

Increase Access

2 in 3

Americans is living with a chronic illness.

Reduce Costs

Many are difficult and costly to diagnose and manage.

Improve Outcomes

Avoid unnecessary utilization by delivering the right care at the right time.

Bring Aila Health into Your Organization

We are partnering with healthcare providers, health plans and self insured employers to bring holistic, personalized virtual care into their organizations.

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