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virtual physical therapy


Work with a personalized care team that helps you manage your joint and mobility concerns and reach your goals


  • Connect with one of our compassionate and encouraging physical therapists over secure video or chat on the Aila Health virtual care platform.

  • Your Aila Health Coach personalizes a wellness plan just for you by understanding your unique situation and goals

  • Get a personalized nutrition plan to help you manage your inflammation

  • Your care team will share curated educational content about how to manage your chronic illness

Physical Therapy

When to see a Physical Therapist?

When you're experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Back pain and strains

  • Knee pain

  • Arthritis


Work with a personalized care team that helps you manage your condition and reach your goals.

Meet Our Autoimmune Specialty Care Team

desiree werland

Desiree Werland

Aila Health's Expert Health Coach.

She is a Health Coach and an Autoimmune Warrior. She partners with individuals diagnosed with autoimmune conditions to become a champion for their life by building habits that help manage fatigue, flares, and pain so life can be enjoyed.

Abel Romero

Abel Romero

Aila Health's Physical Therapist

Abel works with patients to provide physical therapy to get them feeling their best. His ultimate goal is to help people access as much of the world and experience as much joy with as little pain as possible.

Jenifer Tharani

Jenifer Tharani, MS, RD

Aila Health's Anti-Inflammatory Nutritionist

Jenifer focuses on helping patients adopt a non-restrictive, gut healing anti-inflammatory eating pattern to help with weight loss, PCOS, prevent and manage chronic illnesses. Jenifer provides individualized and personalized nutrition plans for members of the Aila Health community.

Conditions We Treat

Balance and Gait Disorders
Back and Neck Pain

Track your Symptoms with the Aila Health App

Some symptoms aren't easy to diagnose when they overlap with many other conditions or aren't easily visible to healthcare providers.


Use the Aila Health app to start tracking your symptoms daily to show your doctors how your symptoms change over time to get a better idea of what could be triggering them and how to manage them. 

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