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Rheumatoid Arthritis: Whole Person Care

Integrated Coaching, Nutrition, and Mental Health

ra program

Dedicated health coaches help drive patient engagement and support outcomes improvement through behavioral change.


With regular check-ins and Aila's secure, easy-to-use messaging and video platform, the care team can easily interact with patients remotely.


With an easily exportable note function, your office will receive real-time updates on your patient progress and have direct access to the Aila Health team.


Care Coordination and Coaching

Rates of depression and anxiety are significantly higher in many autoimmune diseases, so we support patients with access to licensed mental health professionals and digital mindfulness exercises.


There is also mounting evidence that dietary changes can influence the disease course for inflammatory conditions.


With the support of a nutritionist, health coach, and behavioral health providers, Aila Health patients can navigate lifestyle changes and improve their mental well-being.

behavioral support

Integrated Behavioral Health and Nutritional Support

Aila Health's digital platform supports virtual visits with a coach, symptom tracking, personalized wellness plans, and digital patient education and support tools.


By having patients track symptoms, nutrition, activity, and mood in one platform, the coach can better respond to patient needs in real-time.


The platform also contains remote patient monitoring capability to expand our offering to more comprehensive risk factor management such as hypertension or diabetes.

virtual care

All-In-One Virtual Care Platform

Patients and healthcare providers can track and monitor treatment adherence and response to treatment within the Aila Health platform.


Patients can log which days they take or miss medications, participate in recommended exercise or other interventions, and both the coach and patient can see how this affects their outcomes in real-time.


With this live feedback cycle, the coaching can be even more effective.

treatment and support

Treatment Adherence and Support

How It Works

We offer a simple enrollment and treatment process to give the best possible care for your patients while keeping you updated on the progress.



Each patient is paired with the integrative care team to build personalized care plan.

Aila Health team member reaches out within 2 days to onboard patient and introduce them to the app

aila care


Patients and clinical team receive outcomes report at regular intervals



Patients can self-enroll online or are enrolled by rheumatology team


After onboarding consultation, patient receives email to download Aila app from AppStore or Google Play store.


Patients receive weekly support from health coaches, education, and management to improve symptom control

Learn More From Aila Health

Get started working with a wellness coach that helps you manage your Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms and reach your goals. 

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