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autoimmune warrior summit



A Free Virtual Community Experience

Join the ultimate gathering of Autoimmune patients at the Autoimmune Warrior Summit 2023!

If you are someone living with Autoimmune Disease or have been sick without answers, then you probably already know that the struggle is real. Or, perhaps you are an autoimmune-aware care provider seeking support and information on how to better approach your chronic patients. You're in the right place.

This virtual summit brings together autoimmune specialists, care providers, nutritionists, physicians, advocacy organizations, and autoimmune warriors from around the world. These impressive individuals offer various perspectives and expertise on topics focused on living with and managing autoimmune conditions. Sessions will be geared toward autoimmune warriors as well as physicians and care providers.


Our goal is to bring awareness, come together, and provide resources to support chronic illness warriors and specialty care providers.

Register now to get an invite to the event, access our special offer, and be part of the movement to empower autoimmune warriors everywhere! 

Have a question about the event? Send us a message.

At Aila Health, we are on a mission to help autoimmune patients to be:










Shannon Sims
Shannon Sims, PhD
Health Coach

Shannon works closely with autoimmune patients to support their health and healing. She works with powerful and effective evidence-based healing therapies to help each of her patients reach their fullest potential and achieve a balanced, empowered, and meaningful lifestyle. 

Jenifer Tharani
Jenifer Tharani, RD
Anti-Inflammatory Nutritionist

Jenifer is a Registered Dietitian and Aila Health anti-inflammatory Nutritionist. She offers virtual nutrition coaching to help people improve their health from home. She focuses on adopting a non-restrictive, gut-healing anti-inflammatory eating pattern to manage chronic illnesses like diabetes and autoimmune conditions.

Desiree Werland
Desiree Werland
Health Coach

Desiree is a Health Coach and an Autoimmune Warrior. She partners with individuals diagnosed with autoimmune conditions to become a champion for their life by building habits that help manage fatigue, flares, and pain so life can be enjoyed.

Kara Wada
Kara Wada, MD

 Kara Wada, MD is a board-certified adult and pediatric allergy, immunology & lifestyle medicine physician, Sjogren's patient, and a certified life coach. Dr. Wada works to break down barriers and build bridges in our very siloed medical system. She focuses on the unique challenges pertaining to those struggling with allergies and autoimmunity. 

Autoimmune Community
Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the upcoming Autoimmune Warrior Summit 2023, where you can learn from leading experts, connect with others who understand your struggles, and discover new ways to live your best life with autoimmune disease.
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