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Sync your health data with your care team


Aila is on a mission to empower patients with personalized insights and care.


Sync all of your apps and wearables to make sure your doctor knows your progress


Understand how nutrition, stress, exercise, and other factors impact your health 


Use genetics to understand your health risks and help doctors select the best treatment for you


Understand how environmental and social factors impact your health


The Aila Health app syncs all of your health data in one place and tracks your symptoms over time to help your healthcare provider see the whole picture of your health. Furthermore, the Aila Health platform  brings the "invisible" into view and helps your doctors prevent conditions from developing in the future. 


We use data science to help care providers make better decisions that allow you to receive personalized health recommendations from the comfort of your home. 


Our convenient platform allows you to share your health information between all of your doctors so you don't have to re-start the process every time you engage with a new healthcare provider.