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Aila Health Community Guidelines

The communities and circles on Aila Health are for patients to connect, learn from and support one another. By accessing these communities, you agree that you are participating in a public forum, and, therefore, all information you post is available to all members on the Aila Health App.


In an effort to keep a safe and inclusive environment for all members, please adhere to the following guidelines: 


  • No posting content or media with a judgmental or harmful tone.

  • No promotion, or asking for members' contact information to sell products, websites, fundraisers, or seminars.

  • No hate speech, sexual harassment, or racism.

  • No spamming or repetitive posting of the same content or links

  • No selling or distributing of any product including pharmaceutical products.

  • No solicitation of funds for any reason.

  • No prescribing, sharing of unsubstantiated medical claims or advice, or instructing what others should do. Consult a licensed medical professional for any advice 

  • No references to illegal activity, professional malpractice or health code violations.

  • No offensive language directed at others.

  • No trolling and bullying of any member of the site (including employees)

  • No posting content or media that contain offensive material and/or bodily harm

Members that violate our guidelines or incite violence, hate, and/or defamation of, or, between community members will be subject to review and potential removal. Aila Health Inc. reserves the right to terminate your account or limit your access to Aila Health without prior notice. 

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