Chronic Inflammatory  

RA is a chronic and complex autoimmune condition that affects approximately 1.5 million Americans a year. Deliver comprehensive, high-touch care for patients with RA while reducing emergency care and controlling costs


A treatment target is a useful approach for managing the complexities of autoimmune diseases. Patients and clinicians may have a different definition of this target. Using Aila Health's platform, clinicians can further integrate the patient voice into assessments and care plan, and activate evidence-based data to facilitate treat-to-target and align on outcomes.

Increase Patient Engagement

RA is a complex, progressive condition that can be difficult to manage. Deploying Aila Health's platform can help prevent patient flare-ups between routine assessments by collecting patient-reported data, updated in real-time. Aila can also help reduce monitor care plan adherence through secure messaging, check-ins, and other patient engagement platform capabilities.


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