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Making Invisible Illness Visible

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

invisible illness visible

Many patients living with chronic illnesses feel their doctors don't believe them when they explain what their symptoms are. They bring up their chronic symptoms time and time again, and yet...they feel dismissed by their care providers. Some patients report that their physicians are not listening to them when they report on the status of their chronic pain or chronic fatigue. Many patients living with invisible illnesses such as autoimmune diseases are diagnosed with anxiety or depression, as their symptoms are regarded as psychosomatic rather than physical. This is especially true for wWe built Aila Health to empower patients living with invisible illnesses, who's symptoms aren't always easy to see.

Aila Health is on a mission to fundamentally transform the care experience for the estimated 50 million Americans living with chronic autoimmune diseases. We believe that every patient deserves to be seen, heard, and believed when discussing what is going on with their bodies. We believe that there are undeniable truths that can be uncovered about these diseases with better data about them. By tracking how your symptoms progress over time, we are able to make the "invisible" symptoms of pain, fatigue, numbness have a trendline that can help healthcare providers better adapt treatment and improve outcomes.

Start your holistic autoimmune journey with Aila Health. Let's make invisible illness visible! Schedule an appointment with our care team today.

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