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Aila Health Releases App to Help ~50 Million People in the US with Autoimmune Diseases

Oakland, CA

APR. 27, 2021

Aila Health announces the release of its virtual health platform that helps patients with chronic autoimmune conditions connect all of their health data, track their symptoms, get access to personalized nutrition and educational content, and connect with a community of chronic illness patients all in one digital platform. The Aila Health team believes every patient deserves holistic care that is personalized to his or her own unique journey. 

This care is more important now than ever:

  • 60% of adults experiencing a chronic health issue

  • One in six Americans is living with an autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), type 1 diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

  • On average, people with autoimmune conditions see 5 providers over 5 years before getting diagnosed

Aila Health is offering the Aila Health app and all of its tracking features, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health and digestion, at no cost to users. The app also syncs with health trackers and allows users to connect with a community of chronic illness patients at no additional cost. For those who want meal planning, education content and one-on-one health coaching, the Aila Health coaching program is also available. 

We are committed to changing the way diseases are diagnosed and managed by helping patients get better insights into their own health data and sharing that with their clinicians with our precision health platform” said Founder and CEO, Rory Stanton. “After interviewing hundreds of patients, we saw some major gaps in the chronic illness care experience; so we built an integrative virtual care solution that addresses them." 

Want to know more about transforming autoimmune care with Aila Health’s digital platform? Download the free app (iOS/Android), visit Aila Health, and email to learn more about services Aila Health provides in partnership with health plans, employers, and providers.