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Are you experiencing LONG COVID symptoms? 

There is an increasing number of previously healthy people experiencing long-term heart, lung, neurological and mental health problems following a Covid-19 infection.


Many people are experiencing chronic fatigue, confusion, tingling, burning, joint pain and other inflammatory, autoimmune-like symptoms months after having the virus. 

How can you explain your symptoms to doctors? 

Some symptoms aren't easy to diagnose when they overlap with many other conditions or aren't easily visible to healthcare providers.


You can use the Aila Health app to start tracking your symptoms daily to show your doctors how your symptoms change over time to get a better idea of what could be triggering them and how to manage them. 

Download the Aila Health App to start tracking today 

Aila Health helps people with chronic conditions track and manage all of their health information in one place.


The HIPAA compliant app learns about you every time you log your daily updates to provide data-driven insights about your health.


You can share the data with your care team to show how your symptoms are progressing over time to develop a care plan that is personalized for you. 

You can even work 1:1 with one of holistic health coaches to help get you on the path to wellness today.