Rheumatoid Arthritis EMPOWER Program 

We know everyone has a different experience with Rheumatoid Arthritis. That’s why we are setting out to find a better treatment that will work for your specific Crohn’s or colitis. We believe that our state-of-the-art method for studying your genome and microbiome, together with your symptoms and lifestyle choices over an extended period of time, will help to bring us closer to a cure for IBD.*

IBD is different for everyone, so the more people we study, the more likely we are to discover new, meaningful connections. As part of this study, we are collecting both biological samples (stool and saliva) and digital lifestyle and health data from some 10,000 people. This study will take place in phases, with phase 1 numbering 50 to 100 participants. We’d love for you to participate in phase 1 and it’s completely free to you (usually a $500 to $2,000 value).

Are you experiencing Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms? 

  • Tender, warm, swollen joints

  • Joint stiffness that is usually worse in the mornings 

  • Fatigue

  • Fever 

  • Loss of appetite


Work with a personalized care team that helps you manage your condition and reach your goals  

  • Connect with one of our compassionate and encouraging health coaches over secure video or chat on the Aila Health virtual care platform

  • Your Aila Health Coach personalizes a wellness plan just for you by understanding your unique situation and goals

  • Get a personalized nutrition plan to help you manage your inflammation 

  • Your care team will share curated educational content about how to manage your Rheumatoid Arthritis

Track and store all of your health information in one app  

  •  Connect all your data in one place. No more carrying a binder full of information to manage your health history. When you download the app, you will be able to start tracking all of your health data in one secure place today.   

  • Track your symptoms, nutrition, digestion, and mood all in one platform so we can generate personalized insights about you and support you as you manage your chronic illness 

  • Earn points as you track and manage your autoimmune conditions

Join the Aila Health community and connect with other RA patients like you

  • Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis can be isolating. Navigate your health journey with others who truly understand what you are going through

  • Learn from other’s experiences and how they navigated their condition

  • Ask questions about Rheumatoid Arthritis on the patient community 

  • Support other patients on their journey