Virtual care platform empowering chronic illness patients with holistic, personalized health at home


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Many of these patients difficult and costly to diagnose and manage

Americans is living with a chronic illness

Avoid unnecessary utilization by delivering the right care at the right time 


We centralize all of your health information in one place to connect the dots

Because chronic illness patients see many different specialists, we build holistic view of the patient to remove siloes in care

Analyze your symptoms, medical and family history, genetics, environment, nutrition, lifestyle, health goals  

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We match you with an empathetic care team that sees and believes you

No more fighting to be heard. Our care team listens to your concerns 

No more fighting to be heard. Our care team listens to your concerns 

Continuous monitoring to support you before, during, and after a flare up

Our AI-enabled platform learns about you and provides dynamic insights on how sleep, activity, mood, stress, diet impacts symptom flareups

Sync remote monitoring devices to track patient outcomes in real time

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Our holistic health coaches develop wellness plans personalized to you 

Personalized health coaching focused on improving mental health through mindfulness training and decreasing chronic inflammation

AI-engine provides personalized meal suggestions based on preferences and dietary requirements to promote gut health