The Aila Health Ambassador Program ensures that the patients are directly involved in Aila's product design. We have talked with hundreds of chronic illness patients already and are always looking to meet inspiring advocates who want to bring about change and new solutions for the autoimmune community.  


Aila Health ambassadors are experts in their field. They understand what is like to live with their condition and have been working for years on navigating the health system to manage their care.


As we are building out a new model for patient care, we want patient voices front and center. We also count #chronicillnesswarriors as the strongest and most inspiring people we have met and love to celebrate their stories in our community.   

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Why join? 

As an ambassador, you can provide direct feedback to the Aila Health team on our product and services and amplify your voice as an advocate within your patient community. You'll also earn rewards for patients you refer to the Aila Health app.

Support Group

What will I do? 

Help empower other patients by sharing your story and insights with Aila's patient community and raise awareness about Aila Health in the autoimmune community on social media. 

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What is the time commitment?

Our ambassadors typically contribute  1-2  hours a month hosting digital events to connect with members of their community and regularly engaging with content we create.